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When should I seek the Advice of a Medical Doctor While Using Homeopathic Remedies? You are responsible for your health and well-being. In our opinion it is never a problem to seek the advice of a medical doctor while using homeopathic remedies, either while under the care of a homeopathic practitioner or during self-treatment. There are a few medical doctors who are also homeopathic practitioners, which does make things easier in certain circumstances. With that said, you’ll need to understand most western trained medical doctors do not have any education regarding homeopathic remedies and will usually give extremely false information regarding their safety, and use. Please don't assume your medical doctor knows how dilute the remedies are. Even, nutrition is considered an elective for a medical doctor in her training. Homeopathy is strongly discouraged from being explored in the U.S. by any medical personnel. At one time, I explored the idea of becoming a medical doctor, but I was told to hid my ambition in homeopathy if I were to do so by my medical doctor adviser. There is no data in the literature of western medicine in regards to drug interactions with homeopathic remedies, because there are no chemical interactions. At least no known interactions scientifically based. Medical drugs will usually just stop the action of homeopathic remedies. In past experiences we have found many medical doctors will not admit to their unfamiliarity with homeopathic remedies. They seem to mistake them for common herbs, nutritional supplements, or they falsely accuse them of being placebo. Uncommonly, I’ve heard doctors tell their patients homeopathic remedies could be harmful and cause liver damage, which is ludicrous. On-the-other-hand, I’ve had medical doctors who will ask me which tests I wish to run and write down a remedy I recommend as their own prescription, but both extremes are rare. Mostly, they are just unfamiliar with homeopathy. Either way, the more they come into contact with your choices the better they may be able to help you and your family. You will need to be responsible by either enlightening them if you feel confident, or choosing another path with the information you have learned. You must be the one responsible for your health. When working with clients, I request them to be honest with their doctor and have understanding for their lack of training. Usually, it's not their fault it's the pharmaceutical culture they are trained into. We are all trying to help as best we can from our diverse knowledge. Looking at every option is usually the better choice. We hope that prepares you for your choice of path.Welcome To Your Client Resources Center

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