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Self Sabotage While Healing Naturally

Mania!  When  Healing  Naturally…

I have found that everyone who heals themselves naturally gains energy and a better quality of life. However, when we gain our energy back, at some varying time, each of us has a great chance of expending our newly gained energy in a mania state which leads us into a crash!

This crash can be very discouraging. This crash can be assumed to be self-sabotage.

In reality, however, this crash is the exact lesson we need for the next step in healing ourselves naturally.

Our  “Mania  to  Crash  Cycle:”

We have a behavior, a “mania to crash cycle,” which specifically instigates our loss of energy, causing ill health, low vitality, and unhappiness.

We will continue doing this “mania to crash” behavior unless we investigate, discover, acknowledge, and shift it. It often is a large part of what caused us our ill health in the first place especially if having originated from trauma.

When a client of mine seems to either be stuck at the same place and not progressing, or they seem to progress temporarily but keep falling back regardless of their homeopathic remedy, this “mania to crash cycle” is almost certainly the reason.

A few of my clients I may work with for a few years because a specific personal trauma started an intense “mania to crash cycle.”

Clients having suffered intense trauma in the past may only be able to accomplish their health practices diligently for a short while before their life interferes. They sometimes begin to feel they are sabotaging their own health. They will feel like they are out of control in their life. They may feel unable to let their “mania to crash cycle” go, because they feel if they do “life” will get away from them in some specific manner (kids will suffer, they will lose their job, house will not be clean, people will abandon them, no one else will take care of it, etc.)

When a client in a “manic to crash cycle” is able to persist well in their healthy practices for a short time despite their past trauma, they appropriately feel proud of themselves, and so do I. But at some point, life overwhelms them again. They then give up their healthy practices and return to this “mania to crash cycle” and repeat it over and over. They may almost feel worse about themselves than they did before.

A client stuck profoundly in this cycle begins to see very clearly how their behavior causes their health issues, and for awhile they can’t shift it for more than brief moments.

If you are a client of mine and you recognize this pattern in yourself at the moment, please be aware I am very conscious about writing this for you and to you.

Please know, you specifically are one of my admired clients. I feel your struggle profoundly in myself. You also teach me what I need to know for myself, and what I need to know to help provide an opportunity for people to heal themselves.

You do this more than anyone else.

You are never a burden or a disappointment at any stage.

I thank you for your contribution and your profound commitment in healing yourself and your family. I’m honored to be working with you.

I would like for you to have an appreciation for yourself through this sometimes very difficult process.

I would like you to be aware how it is a deeply embedded human issue. It ultimately has nothing to do with you. It is a natural process.

Your personal trauma which triggered it may not even be acknowledged or understood as of yet. But, it is not you personally, although you feel and suffer from the health issues, personally.

An appreciation is needed for this process because it is our opportunity to heal authentically and naturally.

This trauma leading us to a “cycling of mania to crash” then back to mania over and over, for many of us, is what set up our chronic ill health to begin with. And, it is now what we need to learn about to be able to attain new levels of health. New levels of health, and higher energy which will grant us a greater quality of life with the experiences of happiness, joy, and love.

I am writing this adjunct to the “Five Pillars of Natural Health and Healing” primarily to support my clients to understand and work through this critical healing opportunity. These opportunities generally are not moved through without facing some personal pain and many uncomfortable feelings as we go through temporary setbacks.

Luckily, the results provide even greater potential and opportunity to heal with profound happiness and joy becoming a part of our lives naturally.

I am also writing to support some of you who will try and do it alone. I’m hoping it can be done alone. For those of you who do take it on alone, please let me know if you have effectively been able to investigate, discover, acknowledge and shift it for yourself. At times in my life, I have tried to do everything alone, including this…

I couldn’t do it alone!

Healing NaturallyHere’s a story of a client’s personal struggle with this process:


Rachel is a client who I feel has great personal strength and a very deep love for her family. Rachel and I successfully worked together years prior. After not seeing each other for more than 10 years, she meets me at a social event and asks to work with me again. This time her energy seems lower than I ever remembered.

Due to a very stressful 3 years of family trauma, she now rarely leaves her home. Her energy is so low she lives on coffee to wake up in the morning, she smokes to handle the anxiety from stresses in the day, and uses both medication and alcohol to sleep at night. She is very unhappy and even making potential plans to run away to another country and leave everyone and start over. She is lucky to have enough energy to get out of the house on some days. Many days she doesn’t get out of the house. This is a painful and very strong survival state. Definitely a very low quality of life!

If you remember in the last article, I mentioned how in the beginning it is sometimes quite easy to make a big difference in extreme states such as this. This was one of those instances.

Within three weeks of using a homeopathic remedy, some supplements, and removing just one or two of the previous mentioned habitual items, she was out every day functioning and doing things again. She was now happy with her immediate family, and ready to live. There were still some short periods of ups and downs, but nothing at all like the years prior. Very nice for just a couple of visits.

However, can you guess what happens next?

This next part is why I ask my clients not to disappear on me if they miraculously feel better after the first few visits…

A person who has not had much energy and not been doing much for three years gets to feel very guilty, useless, hopeless, and their self-worth is usually in the proverbial toilet. They have been dwelling in and battling those feelings of desperation and hopelessness maybe for years.

What a person most desperately wants to feel after such a long decline is useful, hopeful, and worth something to everyone, especially the people they love and their community. To generate these feelings, they respond completely and unconsciously by doing something to show their value for their community and/or their loved ones. It is an impulse which usually can’t be ignored.

My client Rachel took on a huge project for a large community of churches here in California.

The problem is, when someone has had no energy for this long of a period, they have no reserves of energy.

None at all.

They just recently dug themselves out of their hole. The bank to store their new energy doesn’t even exist, as of yet. So, the slightest roadblock in a new project will seem almost insurmountable.

Obviously, with any large project there are many roadblocks, and not always little ones.

The conflicting issue creating the mania in a person who recently regained health and energy is their need to feel worthy of love. They are desperate to avoid ever feeling as they had for the past few years.

Guess what happens when a person recovering their energy begins to feel those feelings sneaking back when dealing with the roadblocks in their project?

How would you feel?

Natural HealingThe  Mania:

The person will hit the roadblock and launch themselves into a mania state, spending every little bit of energy they have to make sure they do not fail their community or their loved ones. They completely divorce themselves from their feelings and do not listen to their fatiguing responses in their body. They desperately do not want to feel worthless again or disappoint anyone, so no feelings allowed!

Can you understand their need to feel worthy–specifically for being successful and loved?

Rachel happened to make it through her project, but at a very large cost!

Rachel crashed badly immediately after her project.

At our next appointment, Rachel was right back in the hole of despair. She had no energy! She did not feel good about anything. She did not feel good about her family. She started using the same habits to just eek out moments in the day. She was obviously very depressed. Once again, Rachel was thinking about running off to another country with a hope to restart her life, where just a couple weeks before she was enjoying her life more than she had in years.

She definitely felt worthless…

She definitely had the experience of being un-cared for and was feeling unloved.

She was back into a very painful survival state!

From personal experience, I know this is one of the most painful moments to feel in life. This is why I ask my clients who have great results in the beginning to stay with me for a while and consciously work on what made them ill in the first place. This process should not be gone through alone.

When a person hits rock bottom once again, they feel as if they are right back to square one. They may feel betrayed by their health practices, and invalidate that which gave them hope in the first place. They almost always start using the same substances and habits which contributed to their health issues. These unhealthy habits are used to deal with the low energy, despair, and to keep them from feeling their body and emotions.

Most of the time, they beat themselves up and experience the crash and going back to unhealthy habits as a form of self-sabotage. They blame themselves. They begin to feel there is something deeply wrong with them. With this level of hopelessness, I find people may have a tendency to go back on harmful medications or seek newer, stronger, and potentially more harmful pharmaceuticals as well. I would almost expect it.

Imagine having great hope after many years of suffering, and then to just have it crumble out of control again.

What would that feel like?

Going through this particular experience without support and the knowledge that it is supposed to happen, may make it a tragedy.

On the flip side– this is exactly where real healing begins–not always with a remedy.

Natural HealthHappiness:

Part of this lesson for natural health and healing is to understand what happiness really is!

Happiness is simply having energy.

Consistent happiness is having stored up (banked) energy to even-out those moments when life seems to require you to spend more energy than normal.

When we have low energy is when negative emotions stick to us and we feel depressed, sad, angry, lonely, unloved, and worthless! You may notice this directly in common situations.

Are we more likely to fight or to be irritable with our loved ones when we have energy, or when our energy is low?

Other  situations  which  bring  fatigue:

Resentment is the biggest!

How do we feel after getting through a trauma and we cannot get a break to rest?

How do we feel when exhausted from cleaning up other people’s unexpected messes?

How do we feel whenever we resist things that need to be done but torture ourselves with worrying about it?

In comparison:

How do we feel when we build energy for ourselves by getting good sleep?

How do we feel after getting a massage, a good meal, exercise we enjoy, spending time with good friends, having fun?

When we have high energy our negative emotions cannot stick to us, and we experience joy, happiness, self-fulfillment, self-worth, and are able to experience the feelings of love.

When we have little or no energy, we don’t!

99% of the time it really is that simple!

If you are reading this article and you do not have the experience of feeling love, you really need to pay attention!

The experience of feeling love is a direct relationship to our energy. There may be an exception to this, but I’ve not witnessed one in over 23 years.

Letting  go  of  the  “mania  to  crash  cycle”:

The practice which best supports our process of letting go of the “mania to crash cycle” is banking our energy. That’s why our “Five Pillars” is no small health practice. It is fundamental! It is an opportunity to step out of life as survival and into a life of authenticity.

When we begin to feel well, instead of jumping right in and cleaning the entire garage (which has needed it for years!) in just this single day, we practice banking our energy by holding back and spending only a few minutes each day cleaning the garage. We bank the unused energy for our future needs. This practice is fairly difficult when we feel that if we don’t use the energy it will all be gone by the next day.

Great trauma in our past and our experience of our more recent past has shown if we don’t use that energy, it will just be gone, and we lose the moment for accomplishing what was needed.

But, using all the energy is the very thing which will deepen our ill health.

This is a very tough practice and not usually manageable alone…

Rules to build energy by:
It is very important never to spend more energy than we have.
It is also very important to save some each day, thereby increasing our energy savings.
Avoid large projects for a while, because they can entrap us into expending more energy than we have for fear of disappointing anyone involved when that inevitable roadblock shows up.
When we feel resentment, we stop what we are doing, and we pay attention to our own needs first.
Recognize that when we give more energy than we have, we are manipulating people to love or like us and not being authentic to ourselves.
Don’t make any large life changes while energy is extremely low unless absolutely necessary.
When it doesn’t seem this simple, we do not know how to bank our energy both physically and emotionally in the circumstances surrounding us. Our past trauma makes the current circumstances seem hopeless without our taking charge and attempting to control it all.

We are the last to get our needs fulfilled while everything and everyone else is pressing. We are being unconscious about patterns similar to Rachel’s, which cause our mania and specifically crash our energy.

We need a coach!

One way you may confirm if you have this “mania to crash cycle” in your life is by simply acknowledging if you have any feelings of resentment!

Resentment is the giving of energy you do not authentically have to give…

When we live in a chronically low energy state, we live in survival–which is inauthentic to who we are and unhealthy.

When we live in a high energy state, we can be authentic about who we are in our actions and our feelings.

That is healthy!

When we give energy we don’t have to give, we are being manipulative and controlling, and the cost is our resentment–which sucks the energy right out of us!

There is more to this than I’m willing to go into with this article. There is a book or two worth of information about our own personal authenticity and how it affects our health.

For now, we just need to understand how energy is always the crux of our ability to feel happy and maintain our happiness. We need to build up our physical energy first, then our mental/emotional energy with personal boundaries to follow.

Be aware, I always recommend my clients in a low energy state avoid making any life changing decisions until their energy has increased by banking it. Until their physical energy increases, they don’t know what is real in their emotional lives. Rachel’s extremes in her feelings about her family were directly related to her level of energy. They were not her real feelings about her family. They were feelings about prior trauma coming to the surface because there was not enough energy in her body to feel anything else.

With this discussion, we are consciously discovering an unconscious mechanism which occurs with most if not all my clients at some level. Actually, it authentically occurs with everyone, myself included.

Some clients never work through these lessons for a couple reasons about personal resistance. The client may just disappear once they feel better and never face it. Later, their health crashes again because the cause of their ill health we were never allowed to fully address.

Without bringing this mechanism conscious and providing practices to shift, it will reoccur, over and over again.

A remedy does not handle this. Understanding our patterns and making conscious choices do. These are what my fellow homeopaths may label as one form of our obstacles to cure. This is a very prevalent obstacle to cure.

Rachel listens very well to my coaching and has learned about this particular mechanism, and I’m happy to say she has learned practices to bank her energy and it keeps building. However, she is not done in this process, but neither am I…

natural healthA  Practice:

I would like you as the reader, client, friend, future client to recognize how health is a lifelong practice, and therefore requires diligence and a practiced discernment.

It takes time for a client to become conscious enough with their energy consistently raised. Once their energy is raised consistently, they do begin to create their own practices for banking their energy and to discover new practices on their own without the need of their coach (health practitioner).

They eventually can take on big projects, and are successful at managing and banking their energy even through the projects they take on and all associated obstacles.

Please be patient with yourself in this process. It can take quite a long time, usually depending on the depth of the trauma which propelled it in the first place, the level of resentment developed, and current life situations that take energy.

I would also like to inform you that the “cycle of mania to crash” after healing does not always resemble the story described with Rachel. It happens in other ways you are unlikely to imagine unless consistently working with people over and over to help them through it.

Another reason for having a good health coach.

Another mania which happens after healing then leading to crashing seems more physical. One of my more recent clients had been in physical pain for many years, and was unable to accomplish anything. The pain was so great their multiple prescribed medications no longer touched their pain. After working with me for a while, this client was able to walk for a much longer period of time because their physical pain became reduced and their medications become more effective. At first glance it seemed they enjoyed walking so much that they walked too far and hurt themselves again–causing a physically painful crash.

In discovering why they went beyond their good judgement in distance of walking, we found they really did it because they wanted to hide their weakness from their significant other. They were afraid showing their weakness would scare away their lover. They ignored what their body was telling them and their own good judgement because the pain of potentially losing a relationship was much greater.

I can understand that…

Once a person is released from their chronic pain and suffering, they find they can do things that they were previously unable to. So, they have the same “mania to crash” response, and re-injure themselves again in order to feel worthy of love.

This process just looks a little different for each individual, but we each go through it. Each person who wishes to heal naturally needs to recognize what sets up their “mania to crash cycle.” Each person needs to learn how to listen to the needs of their own body, and to put those above their fears and concerns about how others feel about them.

Believe me, if you recognize this in yourself, it is because you are human–this is not a flaw in you personally. I also struggle with this, and I have a happy life that I love…

Desperate  Need  to  Feel  Worthy  of  Love:

Our ignorance and/or repression of our own health needs comes from a desperate desire to be worthy of being loved.

The desire for being worthy of being loved comes in many flavors. For some, it looks like it comes from the need to be strong and capable again. Some people feel they need to protect or please family beyond themselves. Others have the desire to be useful to their community. Some need to clean and have everything in order. Others can’t face becoming a burden to their loved one again. It really is all the same, but with an individual flavor that sometimes can be difficult to discern for ourselves when going through it.

It is always an unconscious but a very desperate desire to be worthy of being loved even when it just feels like the way we all should behave…

In a way it represents a condition of martyrdom.

Remember, this is not always a psychological issue or problem. It is many times just a low energy problem. Handle the physical energy first, (as in the five pillars) and most times there is no psychological problem to work on.

Chronic  Conditions  Stemming  from  a  “Mania  to  Crash  Cycle”:

I mentioned in the beginning of this article how the “mania crash cycle” is also what many times contributes in causality to the chronic condition in the first place. As I’ve said many times, it is a deep trauma which first heightened the cycle, and made it develop into a chronic condition–as with Rachel and her three years of family trauma.

In some instances, this “mania to crash cycle” may also be part of a complex survival structure rooted in the person’s entire family and passed down for generations. These generationally inherited cycles need a good and consistent coach, as they usually stemmed from a multi-generational family trauma and are deeply embedded. They may also produce similar pathology throughout the generations of the family and mistakenly be considered genetic illness.

Please remember genes are turned on and off by environmental factors. Genetics are almost never the reason for disease. Genetics are just the slight propensity.

As you can see, our “mania to crash cycles” are a very common human state.

In my opinion, a person who authentically is suffering from what is referred to as Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome has this “mania to crash cycle” as a very large part of both the cause and the continuance of their chronic condition.

I hope this article and the “Five Pillars of Natural Health and Healing” also gains you a deeper understanding about healing naturally. Healing naturally is not just about finding remedies.

Healing is understanding what causes ill health. It is understanding the importance of our energy and how to manage it. Health recommendations are designed to effectively shift out of energy losses (survival states) to the point where remedies are not needed beyond a healthy lifestyle…

I also ask you to recognize health as a practice, a lifestyle, and a way of life!

Health is not a diet, a medication, a surgery, or even a remedy. These are potentially great temporary tools, but when used without understanding the underlying reason a person became ill in the first place, the condition is due to return with a vengeance. Actually, it never leaves…

natural healthAuthentic  Natural  Healing,  Is  Never  Finished:

Authentic natural healing is “life.” When a person heals naturally from a condition, it does not mean these cycles are gone for good. As I mentioned, this “mania to crash cycle” is a part of being human.

When a person truly heals themselves from a condition, it means the person recognizes their “mania to crash cycle” from experience. They are conscious of its existence. Trauma may re-initiate the cycle, but when the smoke clears, they are able to re-start their health practices all over again. Just get back up on their horse! In severe trauma some people may need to briefly get back to their coach to help initiate their practices, but they know to do this. When educated properly, they know why and in reality probably feel “why.”

I want you to know it can be very effective to take a homeopathic remedy to help reduce the stress of the trauma, grief, anger, betrayal, fear, toxic response to medication, virus, bacterial infection, etc…

Our remedies give us a clearing to begin managing our health by briefly stepping out of the stress of the survival we currently are stuck into. However, our real healing begins when we investigate, discover, acknowledge, and shift what started it in the first place!

I consider a person successful in healing themselves when they know this process from experience, and are effectively practicing their authentic healthy lifestyle!

Best of health to you,



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