Making Your Appointment:
Call us at (661) 274-4449
We  look  forward  to  partnering  with  you  for  a  naturally  healthier  future.

To make your appointment online choose the specific service desired and select the month, then make sure to select, “show available times.”

Please  read  your  directions  for  whether  you  are  a  new  client  or  established  client  and/or  a  long  distance  client  who  needs  to  use  Skype:
Scheduling in Palmdale, is on a Tuesday or Friday only.
Scheduling in Wrightwood, and surrounding areas on Mondays only.
Please remember to click the, “show available times,” button after you select your service and location!
You may also contact us at (661) 274-4449 to make your appointment.
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