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What is the state of our healthcare today?

Tragically, the third leading cause of death in the U.S. is “iatrogenic,” meaning medically induced. 

The Hippocratic Oath of “first do no harm,” should not allow for our health practices to lead us into danger.

Why not natural first?

Ron Frank, D.H.M., D.I.Hom., CNHP 

For well over 20 years I have been partnering with people who are teaching themselves and their families how to find their own wonderful and natural expression of health and happiness.

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I was sunk in a deep depression and beginning to have major health issues. Homeopathy was able to bring me completely out of the depression and has helped me with so many health problems over the years, from heart issues to fibromyalgia and everything in between. Homeopathy itself is so much more helpful than traditional medicine, with a lot fewer side effects!Laura
I am a 71-year-old female with a history of ulcerative colitis, on and off, for 40 years. My first appointment was December 12, 2014. After a few visits and taking various recommended remedies, my symptoms disappeared. And, as of this writing, have not returned. Ron Frank was also able to help me with post-menopausal hot flashes, insomnia and an old knee injury too.Susan
I highly recommend Classic Homeopathy for help with your holistic health journey! I started my health journey with Ron about 15 years ago. I suffered from chronic allergies, bronchitis, pneumonia, and just overall bad health. It took 2 years for my allergies to be gone completely and so far have never returned, leaving me healthier. I haven’t returned to prescriptions or over the counter anything since. I appreciated Ron’s patience with my transition and helping me learn how to care for myself and my family, which includes my pets.Lisa
I love my life; I’m looking forward to my future and I am no longer afraid of aging, thanks to homeopathy. Yes, I’m still very much needed and still helping others through their difficulties, but , it is a joy and I now have it to give. Homeopathy will always be my first choice in life for health care.

By September, 2015, I noticed I had no pain at all in my knees, despite working 4 to 12 hours per day for two months straight removing 5400 square feet of sod and replacing it with 3/4 inch rock and drought-tolerant plants. Also, the Baker’s cyst behind my right knee was completely gone. Additionally, I could kneel on both knees without any discomfort at all.

By October 2015, Ron had helped me whip my sleepless night challenge and since then I haven’t had any problem getting back to sleep after getting up in the middle of the night.

But that wasn’t all. By January 2016 I was able to control my allergies with natural remedies recommended by Ron. Thanks to Ron Frank, I was not using any prescription or over the counter drugs for my allergies.Garry

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