Acknowledgement for Artists

This is an acknowledgement of the people who have contributed pictures on our website!
Please search for and visit their galleries on the web.

e-Magine Art

David Goehring – E Pluribus

Tambako The Jaguar

Sammy Jay Jay

Dean Hochman



Bernard Goldbach

Andreana Moya

Jason Bachman

Donkey Hotey

Ken Lund

US Army

Tim Regan

Mike Licht

Paul Townsend


Tim and Selena Middleton

Mister Serum

Chad Sparkes

Fraser Mummery

Alexandre Norman

Terry Ross


Leo Grubler

Camera Eye Photography

Ed Lavanushkin


various brennemans

Thierry ehrmann

Jason Tester



Christopher Schirner



Duncan Hull

Gonzalo Baeza


Satish Krishnamurthy

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  1. I totally agree with the part of being acknowledged. Once I worked as a clinic assistant and I was really happy and motivated when the doctor actually says thank you and well done for the very simple tasks I performed. I feel that even though you are superior to someone, an act of thanks would mean that that person is really acknowledged, and that person is really accepted.

    1. Post

      I appreciate your comment very much. Although, I feel no one is superior over another, but I get the point. Thank you! And, thank you for taking the time to view their credits and make this comment. It was unexpected but glad to see someone cares enough to do so… I thought it would never be viewed… so now I’m glad I did it.

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