Homeopathic Antidotes

Antidotes to Homeopathic Remedies

Antidotes to Homeopathic Remedies

In all honesty, in over 25 years of practice, I can only account for a very few times I have witnessed an actual antidote of a remedy.

I remember only 2.

I remember Nat. Mur. and Graphites being anti-doted by mint or oatmeal baths in one individual.

Most remedies seem to be pretty resilient to being anti-doted, but in a few people there are moments when a substance looks like it antidotes for that specific individual.

Many times there is a substance which causes symptoms in a person such as sugar or milk with allergic responses. So, in this instance, a person takes a remedy and reduces the allergic response until the next time they eat a sweet or a dairy item. Those items will look like an antidote to them, but in reality they are causing their issue to restart all over again.

Far be it for me to go against what other practitioners have witnessed over the years about antidotes, but that is my experience.

If you are experiencing a lack of reaction to your remedies or a reversal from them having previously helped you, then I would ask you to first let go of the dietary items or habits you are most using one at a time, especially if you recently started them again. If that doesn’t help, then look at letting go, one at a time, of what you most crave in your diet or enjoy in your behavior. From my experience these items or behaviors are most likely to be instigators of ill health for each individual.

I am including my old list that was mostly from what other practitioners have included as their antidotes. I do not require adherence to this list anymore. It is just for information. After doing the above first, then I would consider this list linked below, but please let me know the specifics if you find something which seems to definitely antidote your homeopathic remedy.

Ye Olde Antidote List: