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Where Does My Life Begin and Where Does It End?

Or, Who am I really?

I live with the reality that nature is humanity and our health. There is no separation for me. I breathe what a tree or plant puts out. I eat nature and nature will eventually eat me. Where my life begins and where any part of nature’s life begins or ends does not have a clear divisible line for me.

My awareness of this connection was not always with me. It was born over the last two decades of teaching people how to discover the direct causes of their ill health and what to do about it.

But each day, I am surprised by my own ignorance of how people generally in our society seem completely unaware of being nature themselves. How is it that I can pass through the day and have no one talk to me about how their life is affected by, and is nature? I live in a forest!

There is a great disconnect from reality. I am also surprised by how much we as a species traumatize nature without even a glance at the consequences.

I read on the internet about how our water across the world even in the most pristine areas is now polluted by glyphosate because this chemical is picked up and deposited by rain. We use this chemical for the convenience of easily killing unwanted plants (called weeds) in order to eat more plants. Something seems absurd about this already…

I mean, isn’t it funny how an individual would use glyphosate to kill dandelions in their lawn, yet an herbalist understands how dandelions are a great support for our liver as both food and as an herbal remedy. In the last few years dandelions have become a common vegetable at Farmers Markets across the country. Yet, glyphosate is used to the level of polluting all our waters and is now linked to liver damage too. Why are we killing a food that can protect our liver to create other food that harm our liver?

It seems our industrial science and knowledge completely discount what we commonly know about nature and ourselves.

We can also see the same unconsciousness with neonicotinoids being sprayed on the plants sold to us at Home Depot, Walmart, and Loews. This systemic insecticide is being used on the fruit trees needing to be pollinated by bees, butterflies, and pollinators, the very insects these chemical have been shown to kill with great devastation worldwide. So, we put an apple tree in our yard but kill the pollinators so there is no apple on the tree in our yard?

What are we missing with each other in our consciousness to have this occur?

I have found myself just not able to speak at times when faced with this level of absurdity. I have found myself wondering how people (myself included) can still trust industrial science? Although this disconnect is not at all limited to our industrial sciences.

As humans, one part of us is completely unaware of at least two other very significant parts of us, our external and internal environment.

Discovering and bringing conscious this separation of ourselves from our external and internal environments is the very practice that at times has made me more effective at producing results for people than other health practitioners. It is what this article is about.

Our internal and external environments are part of us. I can’t live without either, but at times I sure behave as if I can….!?

I have come to the realization in my life how in order to be successful for both my health and the health of others that; just because I’m conscious about things does not mean the things I’m unconscious about, are not me.

Let me write that again:

Just because I’m conscious of some things does not mean the things I’m not conscious of, are not me!

Now that’s a mind bender.

So, how does this work?

In my own practice, I had to realize that frequently people don’t do what they say they will do… Sometimes with the most tragic of results. I’ve had to ask why this occurs with people. Why is there this disconnect between their desire and their actual action? People will legitimately want to do things to care for their health and yet completely do the opposite and at great expense. Why is this?

I have struggled greatly with this one, because it can mean the difference between life or death.

I had to look for something beyond the well meaning but biased opinions like “they have no self-worth,” “that’s what it is to be human,” or, “no one can care about them, until they care about themselves.” These statements and others abound as if they are wise and true. Yet, I have never seen them give us an access to power regarding taking care of ourselves. I have seen these kind of statements leave us with a false reasoning, and little or no opportunity to discover who we really are.

It has finally occurred to me that all this absurd disconnect points in one direction. People simply don’t have a clue about who they really are! I have had to conclude how people are far more unconscious then conscious about themselves. Although people sure act like they know who they are. I very much include myself in this…

It has become obvious to me how “people” (myself included) consider themselves one thing, but really they are completely another, and often harm a part of themselves because they don’t feel the immediate harm they do to themselves. Now this is an extreme disconnect which I would like to make you and myself aware of.

It seems that if people don’t feel the immediate harm, then whatever is harmed is not considered part of them… until it threatens their very survival to lose it…

Now before you get riled about me suggesting that you are hurting yourself because you are more unconscious then conscious about who you really are, please give me a bit more of a chance to explain…

You obviously know that you are a Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, and you have a job, and you do this or that on the weekends. You are obviously aware of who you are in your daily perceived life. But, is that who you are as life? And, how much of that is who you are, really?

Well lets take a look, because I say, your daily consciousness has very little to do with who you are as a living being, especially in regards to your health. I also say that the part of yourself which you are conscious of is extremely small compared to who you are in reality. I am not saying that is a small thing to be a Mother, Father, Son, or Daughter. But, I’m letting you know as people, we really have no idea who we are as a living being.

Here’s why I say this…

Where does my life begin, and where does it end?

My own cells have a separate consciousness in my body but they are not separate from me. I die, they die. They die, I die. Yet, I have no consciousness at all of how my heart circulates my blood. I don’t tell it to beat. I’m as separate from my heart’s reality or consciousness as I am from the pine tree feeding me air outside my bedroom’s sliding glass door at night. Same for almost every other organ or tissue in my body. I certainly don’t tell a single cell anything at all. I don’t have a consciousness of them unless something goes wrong and it challenges my survival or productivity.

The same goes for my external environment. If a pine tree dies, I’m not aware of less oxygen in my life. If my heart skips a beat I am not aware of it unless it becomes a threat by being repeated or painful.

In fact, I can drink alcohol and harm my liver and heart or I can smoke and hurt both my lungs and heart. And, I don’t feel an immediate pain. What I do feel at first from drinking or smoking and harming myself… is pleasure. Think about that disconnect! And, feeling this pleasure while harming myself actually gives me a delusion that I am not my heart, lung, or liver. I don’t even think about my organs or tissues while I am in this pleasure. I just use them by harming them to feel my pleasure. I am disconnected from the reality of harm while I destroy myself with a substance because I actually feel pleasure while attacking myself. Go figure!

I call this process of harming ourselves while feeling better, “Remedy by Harm.” You can read more about this in the article “Have You Worked on Your Health Until You’re Blue in the…?”

As a health practitioner I am uniquely aware of how this is difficult to present to an individual unless they become immediately aware of their life being threatened, so hang-in there with me if your life isn’t currently at stake. Because without this awareness, it will be!

It seems we have to have a stroke or a heart attack sometimes before becoming aware of our internal and external environments being us. Sometimes we are awakened by a person close to us in our lives facing death then we become aware by proxy. Have you ever seen a diabetic just go after the sugar even though they know it is the worse for them? Not a great experience if you love them.

Hopefully, we and our loved ones survive that first life threatening moment so we gain the opportunity to learn from it. But, it is not easy…

Without that devastating threat in our life already having occurred, we normally behave as if our organs are just there and separate from ourselves altogether. We behave as if our external environment is also something separate from us. But, how could they be separate? If they die, then I die. That is impossible to separate. So, our organs and tissues are all living and together. We are a living community of life and not an individual!

Normally without a wake up call, my organs seem to not be me. Normally, nature has nothing to do with who I think I am either. Notice how we don’t feel their destruction even though we can’t live without our internal or external environment. Now that is truly absurd… If I die because it dies then it is ME!

I find it fascinating how we have developed tests which give us the information about the un-felt damage to our bodies. These test are developed because lives have been destroyed by not being aware of our environments being us. Do you feel a spot on your lungs develop with smoking? Do you feel your pancreas unable to produce insulin by drinking sugary drinks? Do you feel cirrhosis of the liver because of the nightly relaxing beer or two? No, we don’t feel it until it threatens our life or productivity. We are completely surprised by a stroke from Hypertension unless discovered by a test. Our liver can literally be fighting for its very life to survive daily and yet we may not notice until a liver enzyme panel shows something is off! That is how extraordinarily our internal environment seems disconnected from us. We don’t feel it! Chronic disease is 99% of the time or more developed from our internal environment, yet we still behave as if our internal environment is not us…

But, what about our external environment?

I consider this the exact same disconnect when people burn down the rain forest causing pollution and far less healthy air in our world. When we chop down the rain forest we feel pleasure because there is an immediate profit. Something is being produced for someone right there on that land that wasn’t being produced locally before. Maybe cattle, wood, farm, or other resources are produced from the cleared land. The destruction gives immediate pleasure from profit for self with an un-felt damage only discovered when it becomes a crisis to our world community. This is causing chronic societal disease by ruining the environment of our community.

And, notice how we face a crisis of our world possibly dieing from global warming, so now we’ve developed the tests to show how much carbon pollution is created in our atmosphere. We also watch the ozone layer because we die without it. Funny how we have to create these tests to feel the un-felt. I don’t see, hear, or feel those flames on the other side of the world as an immediate threat in a forest I don’t live in. I don’t even feel my cars exhaust as an immediate threat either although it is in my immediate environment. But, we now have an awful lot of people upset about it, because there may not be an environment our children or grandchildren can live in without these environments… So, our external environment is also us, but not felt.

At a certain point, we have to face what is happening to us in our internal and external environments. Yes, definitely, both the internal and external environment is part of me! They are part of you too. They are not separate in any way from my life or yours. If my external environment is destroyed or my internal environment is destroyed, then I don’t survive. Do you think you will? When our life is threatened then suddenly, we know who we are really! Hopefully not too late…

Now, isn’t it absurd to behave as if our environments are separate from us? We are our environment. My life is my body community. My life is nature as a community.

I have not met a human being yet where this absurd disconnect fails to show up in their health.The consciousness about who we are is very little at both the big and small ends.

Besides not living life as if my internal organs are anything but a machine to keep me going, I also find myself and most people living as if the pine tree that breathes out oxygen and feeds me pine nuts and gives me shade and calls down the rain so I can drink has nothing to do with me either. I can feel immediately better by chopping down the tree to build myself a new house, but I am not aware until later how I can’t breathe, eat, or drink because it is gone.

I can feel immediately better by having a wonderful B-day cake and ice-cream full of harmful milk and sugar products that inflame my mucous membranes to the point of causing asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, allergies, ear infections, sinus infections, sore throats, strep throat, tonsillitis, etc. and feel even better listening to our government and the dairy industry ads on TV that tell me how “milk does a body good.” Thank you industrial science for supporting our delusion.

I am truly aware how this disconnect is far beyond my complete comprehension because I live in this environment of absurdity with all of us. And, the absurdly funny disconnect from our environment is not just because of industrial science or a medical industry. This disconnect is because I am not aware of what is me. I don’t feel the pine tree, and I don’t feel my liver! Therefore, I erroneously believe I am not those…

Just because I’m conscious of some things does not mean the things I’m not conscious of, are not me!

Inside of what I consider me, I know very little about myself. Outside of what I consider me, I also know very little, but it is now very clear how I won’t be able to breathe or live without my understanding being expanded to include both my inner and outer environments as part of me. Long lasting health results occur with the understanding of inner and outer environment as me.

Again, just because I’m conscious of one thing it does not mean the thing I’m not conscious of, is not me!

It is pretty obvious how we are close to clueless about who and what we really are. Or, what I includes! It is becoming ever more obvious how a disconnect from not feeling immediate harm affects our health and the quality of our lives as it threatens our survival.

Normally, we keep taking substances that affect what we believe is us but we simply ignore our internal and external environments which are us. If they die, we die it is as simple as that. Healing becomes ineffective and only temporary when constantly needing to take substances which do not address our environment’s health.

It is now very clear how taking things to relieve the feelings we are conscious of, completely miss the point,  and don’t address the parts of us in our internal or external environment which we are completely unaware of but dictate our health. The parts of us we ignore (our inner and outer environment) are what need to be addressed to be healthy. In-fact our society seems to have an obsession of literally harming either our inner or our external environment in order to feel better with the consciousness we think we are. These are called “Remedies by Harm.”

So, I’ve realized we don’t know who we are.

If our consciousness were ever to realize we are an apple tree, do you think we would consciously feed ourselves a neonicotinoid and kill the very part of us which allows us to have children? That bee and butterfly would be known as part of our sexuality and be protected at all costs. No neonicotinoid would ever be sprayed where bees, butterflies, or that part of us exist.

It has become exceedingly obvious to me how we need a new awareness about who we are in order to improve our health both individually and societal. We are not separate from our internal or external environments. If you want to be healthy then please address your environment! And, I would find a way to give up the “Remedies by Harm.” That is how results are produced for health in the real world.

So, where does my life begin, or where does it end?

It doesn’t. My environment is me.

Who am I really? I am, my environments, both internal and external!

Nature as humanity and our health…

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