The Courage of the Minimum Dose

The Courage of the Minimum Dose!

Does our medicine need to be able to harm us to be effective?

Imagine if science were able to find a process where our medicine would not cause side-effects.

Well it has!

But, are we courageous enough to try it?

Arndt-Schultz  Law

In 1888 two medical scientists (Rudolph Arndt and Hugo Schultz) tested substances on seed germination and yeast.

These scientists observed and described.

  1. How a large quantity of a substance would retard or destroy life.
  2. How small quantities would stimulate life!

We can relate this to how we respond to our foods. Large quantities cause conditions such as obesity and diabetes and if continued lead to our death. Small quantities we need for nutrition and sustain our lives.

The conclusion of these experiments is almost common sense unless we relate it to how medicine is used today. Western pharmaceutical drugs are currently given for prolonged periods of time at dosages which would definitely inhibit life or even destroy it. We are desensitized into believing that side-effects are an accident instead of an eventual outcome which this law describes.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (the father of modern homeopathy) discovered the same results when using substances on his patients. The more diluted the substance the more stimulating the response without inhibiting or destroying life.

Less  is  more  in  homeopathy.

Homeopathy is incontestably one of the safest healing therapies in the world today because of its use of the minimum dose (sometimes referred to as the infinitesimal dose).

Concurrently, homeopathy is possibly the most effective healing therapy in the world today for healing people from chronic conditions because of the safety inherent with the use of the minimum dose.

With minimum doses there is no toxic destruction to the individual from the therapy. The vitality and long term health of the individual is never weakened by use of an infinitesimal amount of a remedy, unlike toxic modern pharmaceuticals and/or surgery.

As Samuel Hahnemann developed homeopathy he found that because of the use of the “Law of Similars” the dosage could be extremely small to be successful.

The smaller the amount of the actual substance used as a remedy creates a surprisingly stronger, deeper, longer, and more profound healing response.

“Less is more;” is unquestionably the hardest concept in homeopathy to understand and accept; it is especially criticized by western medical institutions, because it is the antithesis of how western drugs are used.

Western drugs and therapies are used to dominate the body and its symptoms into submission and suppression with the use of large quantities of toxic substances. The body has no choice other than to respond to the force of the poison we call medicine. This force is very effective at changing symptoms, has an extreme cost to the overall health of the individual. It also has a cost for immediate safety with potential side-effects.

First do no harm!

Homeopathic remedies are used to reduce symptoms by calming the survival response of our body previously stimulated into an emergency state. The calmer the approach the better the calming response. Less force is immediately better in response and far superior with safety. Homeopathy has no cost to our vitality or health in the future.

Less is more!

Avogadro’s Number

In chemistry there is a threshold after a number of repeated dilutions where there is no longer any of the original substance in the solution. This threshold is known in mechanical sciences as Avogadro’s Number.

Many homeopathic remedies are diluted far beyond Avogadro’s Number. In fact any remedy beyond 12C or 24X far surpasses it. This extreme dilution of remedies is frequently used by critics of homeopathy to discount the fact of homeopathy’s effectiveness.

I personally feel some criticism is understandable. Without having experienced and observed the effectiveness myself, I would have had an extremely difficult time resolving this seeming paradox of response.

However, as millions like myself will contest to, the proof is in the use.

There is no scientific study which proves our medicine has to hurt us to be effective.

Most critics are prejudiced by propaganda and will not attempt to explore the results of homeopathic remedies themselves even with the inherent safety.

Many individual medical doctors throughout the centuries who have investigated the remedies for themselves have converted to practicing homeopathy. In-fact, this is how homeopathy became world renowned in the 1800’s and homeopaths here in the United States were paid significantly better because of our results than a traditional doctor.

Many non-medical people experiencing the effects for themselves and their families have wound up becoming homeopaths, such as myself becoming a non-medical homeopath.

New  substance  formed  with  each  dilution.

I would like to be precise about the remedies not being just diluted in their process and what that creates. This is a completely new concept and not recognized by out-of-date science.

Remedies go through a process of violent shaking and stirring at every level of dilution. At every level of dilution a new substance is formed by the strong violence and shaking between the dilution medium and the product being diluted.

You may consider each dilution a new substance.

In reality, there is never a dilution of new substance, which goes beyond Avagadro’s Number, or even close. It is just a single dilution out of this new product at each step. Yes, the original crude substance gets diluted out over successive dilutions, but each dilution is an original product of its own, because of this violent shaking and how it changes the dilution medium.

This process is what allows the remedy to still be effective while allowing the original crude substance to be filtered out to eliminate all potential toxicity.

This processing of the remedies (known as succussion or trituration) is why the remedies still have action beyond any quantitative original crude substance. Without this processing the remedies are shown to be ineffective.

The  minimum  dose  is  common  sense.

Why is a minimum dose common sense in health sciences?

Minimal substances are completely safe as compared to toxic crude substances which aren’t.

When the minimum infinitesimal dose is used there is no weakening of the overall vital strength and health of a person even with long-term use. Experimentation has shown conclusively how extremely minute substances always stimulate life as in the research done by Dr. Ardnt and Dr. Schultz mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Using infinitesimal substances as our medicine, allows our immune systems to be active participants instead of the victims to toxic agents.

Infinitesimal substances can be nothing more than suggestions to our bodies, allowing for any healing which occurs to be solely from the person themself in response to the suggestion.

While drugs or surgeries can seem to cause both strong and sometimes immediate effects, their use is dangerous, always inhibiting or destructive to life as shown in both research and practice.

Pharmaceuticals in particular never teach our bodies to take care of themselves. With the use of strong therapies or substances as our medicine, continuous exterior intervention is needed without end. With the weakening of our body and health due to the toxicity of strong substances we gain an addiction to further strong substances or therapies without an end, until death.

Even with surgery, if the original causation for the need of the surgery is not addressed, then the surgery will need to be repeated in most instances.

Minute doses are proven to stimulate our health in millions of people across the entire globe. Minimum doses have been proven by Ardnt-schultz law to stimulate life in general.

Therefore, the minimum dose is the only common sense, empirically proven, safe, and effective first choice for using a substance to stimulate healing from an individual.

Less is more!