Corona Virus, Natural Immunity, and Environmental Health

Let’s talk Corona Virus! “SARS-CoV-2” “COVID-19”
and Natural Health!

Environment is everything concerning health and wellness!

I have not seen anyone to this point talking about what really works environmentally for respiratory health. Mainstream and government authorities, for the most part, don’t recognize health solutions unless they are medications or treatments, or this extreme quarantine. Most of the alternative health care providers I’ve read are looking to specific remedies to counter a viral issue as well.

What if there is a lot more we can do?

What if we are missing the real picture of how we can be far healthier and safer every year from all respiratory issues!?

We’re going in a very different direction in this article. I’m a little worried no one can hear this while scared running and being isolated and fearful. I hope a few of us can pause during this time-out and use it to the benefit of improving our health and well-being…

Why not, what else have we got to do?

Personal environmental awareness and how it affects our health directly is what we are talking about!

This information allows each individual to be in control of their own well-being beyond what is currently recommended which is basically isolation!

I’m also hoping this information may grant many people the ability to never fear a respiratory condition again.

I personally have no fear of this virus for my own health. Cold and flu season is no longer a challenge for me even though I’m exposed continuously in my office. I truly don’t think this current challenge needs to be as big a fear for you either…

I’m going to state this strongly… I have seen nothing perform stronger than handling environmental conditions to improve and maintain health. Everything else in my opinion and experience of 28 years is — secondary.

I’m giving this information out freely about exactly how I am confident in my own health and completely unworried about contracting or even going through this current illness, if I did contract it.

Quick disclaimer:

Any natural health items or practices I mention throughout this article, I have personally seen useful in either helping and/or preventing, most respiratory contracted issues. However, absolutely none of this information is medical advice or approved by anyone, or any government agency. This is just my experience. This information is definitely not intended to be used as a reason to go against any recommended guidelines… it is intended to be considered as supportive with following recommended guidelines. You are fully responsible and liable for any information utilized by you. You are responsible for your health, always… This is the point!

The power of natural health becomes apparent when we grab it responsibly for ourselves.

So, now with that said…

COVID -19 is a virus stated as cause for respiratory illness by the CDC (U.S., Center for Disease Control). Everyone is being informed that it is deadly and highly contagious. Currently we are under lock-down where I live here in the US. We have ominously shut down the social world, financial world, and anything but what is necessary to survive.
When I started writing this article, I was supposed to go to a show with friends, but the quarantine has kept me home to write this instead…


So, let’s quickly start with this:

Environment is far more the cause of disease than a virus, bacteria, or bug!

I know this goes against what we are all told to believe. My apologies if it goes against what you know as true, especially with the fear being generated right now. I don’t really want to challenge any beliefs… however, holding a view of our natural world being unsafe for us, and bringing a catastrophic response causing mayhem such as this quarantine, well that is very unfortunate, and possibly feeling quite unsafe for some of us. The view that some little critters we can not even see can just take over our society and cause pandemic pandemonium and death is not the full story, not even close!

I am not saying that this isn’t real… I’m saying it is not the full truth! I’m saying that most of the world right now may be missing the bigger picture… by far!

What do I mean by environment being more the issue than the infection of the bug?

Well, quarantining is an extreme way of changing the environment. Quarantine is a way to avoid what we currently view as the cause of disease in our environment — virus, bacteria, parasite, etc. So, our society is well aware of how shifting our environment can make a difference in regards to our health.

However, in my experience there are much more effective environmental responses than just quarantining an entire country or world! Quarantines definitely do have their place, but other environmental changes are less drastic and possibly more effective, and completely doable even while in quarantine. Any individual can become aware of environmental factors and change them. It can be as simple as choosing to brush our teeth, or washing our hands.

Quite a few environmental health changes can be utilized every year when we go through the so-called cold and flu season. Being locked down in quarantine is not a sustainable practice. Imagine doing this every year… I’m not up for that! I’m also not up to waiting for a vaccine for these novel bugs every year… The effectiveness of an unknown vaccine would be an experiment at best.

Teaching people how to be responsible for their own well being is my daily job… and I would like to present some suggestions for you to consider.

I choose to find out where I can be responsible and proactive for my health, now and every year, as opposed to living in fear and waiting for the “all clear”. I want to do more. I want to be empowered beyond the untested “expert mandates”. I want to ensure that I and my loved ones will do as well as possible during any health crisis.

Changing my environment grants me the power to release my fear, and to become the active participant in what is occurring. I’m hoping it will for you as well…

I’m going to push a little harder here to change our societies’ current perspective and paradigm by stating that virus, bacteria and bugs don’t have power over us unless our environment has become unhealthy for us!

What? How can that be the truth? We all know a virus is the cause of this current ailment! After all… we are only diagnosed with the condition if the bug is there… right?

Yes, except there is much more to understanding how the bug got there…

Let’s start by identifying what would be an unhealthy environment for our respiratory health!

Yearly we experience a respiratory cold and flu season. Ever wondered why? Why do we even call it a cold and flu “season”?

If the virus was just the issue, wouldn’t colds and flu occur all year long, with no change in frequency and occurrence? So obviously something in our environment changes every year which allows our respiratory systems to be challenged and more susceptible to bugs.

Or, is it that the high heat of summer kills respiratory viruses (which by the way is an environmental factor)? Obviously it is environmental which makes us vulnerable, but is the heat the only environmental factor that changes?

Here are a couple of the main environmental factors which change for me during the cold and flu season:

1. I’m indoors— My windows are not open in winter causing a stagnation and accumulation of indoor particulates. Going indoors also causes me to become more sedentary where I don’t exercise my respiratory system near as much. Indoors is where most people are self quarantining, so flu bugs and people are concentrated together. Indoors is less sunlight which means I also create less vitamin D for myself from less sun exposure.

Do you get the idea that a lot more is happening here than just the cold?

2. I eat— different foods during the holidays which are celebrated during the cold and flu season. I am exposed to much more sugar, starting a month before Halloween when the candy hits the stores, then comes Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines Day, and Easter. I am besieged… The added sugars only end after Mother’s Day. My New Year Resolution to have a healthier diet never has a chance…

If an environment is healthy for our respiratory system at one time of the year, but not another, then we need to consider these differences. Cold weather is just cold weather. I can go skiing and not get sick. The cold weather itself is not the issue. Somehow what we do during that time of year changes our environment which creates an unhealthy situation for our respiratory health!

So, what if an unhealthy environment clean-up were the key for us to get well, and to stay well!?

I do a respiratory clean-up whenever I have great exposure and start feeling unwell, but I also work to keep my environment clean year round.

This environmental clean-up which I do for myself, grants me the confidence that I can keep myself safe, even during these Corona Virus times… More importantly, I’ve not only seen these environmental clean-ups work for myself, but I’ve seen them work for my clients over the past 3 decades. I’d like this to be the case for you as well…

I didn’t come to these solutions by myself. I have an alternative health practice, and my past and current clients are the ones who have shown me what works. People come to me to find solutions when everything else has failed. Then we work together to produce results by changing their environment. They teach me! I don’t own these simple methods which they taught me. They belong to everyone…

I want you to know – most of these things are easy to change within your current environment.

Yes, I’m suggesting these extremely small viruses can’t hurt us just by themselves – without a circumstance in our environment needing some clean-up!

What needs to be cleaned up?

Let’s first consider China where our current outbreak of a novel strain of SARS (Corona virus) was first discovered. By the way, this is the second time a threatening SARS virus has broken out and started in Southern China.

You’ve probably heard about the suspicion of the virus mutating from animals. Animals are all over the world, therefore, there has to be something unique about an environment that would have a virus only spreading between animals – then suddenly spreading between humans. Also, this sudden change has uniquely occurred in the same area of our huge world… twice! That is quite a coincidence!! Something unique in that environment has got to be key!

So, the city of Wuhan is the purported site of the first spread for SARS-CoV-2. Wuhan is 570 miles inland from Hong Kong. What do we all think of environmentally, which would affect respiratory, if we consider visiting China?

Air Pollution!!!

People needing to wear masks is my image… Industrialized China is known for having one of the worse air quality environments in the world. What system in our body would be challenged most by air pollution?

Pretty obvious!

Our respiratory systems are obviously damaged (wounded) by specific environmental issues such as air pollution.

This has nothing to do with China. The issue is pollution. Any polluted environment will be damaging to life.

People exposing themselves to any environmental condition which causes an inflamed respiratory system means they are wounded – such is the case with air pollution. Inflammation is nature’s response to an injury, a wound. Anyone who is wounded in their respiratory system will be more susceptible to catching any respiratory ailment… Obviously, they will also be less likely to recover from an infection when already wounded!

I want to drive this home strongly…

Environmental pollution creates a wounding in people. The wounded area in a person is now vulnerable to infection. Once exposed, contraction of the infection is much more imminent on a wounded organ or tissue.

Let’s spend a little time making sure this is seen correctly, because right now the world acts oblivious to the obvious.

I love gardening, and I can shove my hands into the dirt all day with no problem and enjoy it. However, if I have a cut or scrape, and shove that wound on my hand into the dirt, well… it is a possibility that my cut or scrape (wound) will become infected.

Now imagine if I didn’t allow my wounded hand to heal, and I repeatedly shoved my cut or scrape (wound) into the dirt every day… this would cause the wound to become more severe, and eventually my hand would become infected by a pathogen! It is inevitable!

The longer something remains a wound the better opportunity for an infection; and if a wound never heals then infection is imminent.

Now consider millions of people constantly wounded in their respiratory system by air pollution. Isn’t this quite an environmental recipe for a “bug hack”? Even a virus usually found only in animals would have the best opportunity to learn how to survive in such a large population of wounded humans. Unwounded people could easily respond with healthy resistance. Just like a bug usually found in my gardening soil won’t infect my healthy hand, but it would inevitably infect my wounded hand if I forced it to by shoving my hand into the dirt every day.

Have you seen the satellite images – how the air pollution above China has been significantly reduced during the quarantine?

Now, what if…? Do you see where I am going with this?

Is there a chance that the air has improved during the quarantine to the point where people who have survived can now heal and have more resistance? Is the environment now improved from severely unhealthy, so the wounds are now able to heal? We do wish to acknowledge how the most wounded individuals will be vulnerable right from the start and be gone, leaving people who are less wounded and resistant. However, this is a dramatic drop in new infections occurring…

Things have calmed down dramatically as the air pollution has reduced dramatically! There really may be something to consider here…

Humans wounded by their environment is the key to infection.

Not only does a wound make us more prone to infection, but the more severe the injury, the more difficult it is to heal. Consider a person having a permanently damaged lung from smoking cigarettes in the past, maybe resulting in COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). It is very well known how people who have a permanently damaged respiratory system have a much harder time recovering from any respiratory ailment.

Many times people with permanently damaged respiratory systems don’t recover from a respiratory condition which would be easy for most of us to overcome. Kind of like our at-risk (wounded) population who are already extensively injured and then trying to survive any infection, not just respiratory. They are wounded, so for them it is much more difficult to recover or even survive.

I want to make sure we acknowledge that it is not just air pollution from an industrialized nation such as China which causes an unhealthy respiratory system. There are many things which may wound us in our respiratory system.

If we are exposed to a bug which has been taught to survive in a person with a wounded respiratory system due to air pollution… then it is likely to survive in any similar circumstance where there is an environmental factor creating a wounded respiratory system! We are especially susceptible if that wound has been chronic, or of a prolonged duration!!!

Here is a list of the environmental factors I am aware of which commonly create inflammation (wounding) of our respiratory systems. If you have never been exposed to how our environment affects our health then it is possible some of these could be a shock…

Most of us are already aware how sugar is unhealthy, but you may not be aware that milk products and some medications will also create a respiratory challenge.

Please note: Any environmental factor which affects your respiratory health negatively is important to address, however, I am starting with the top three I address for myself. I have found these especially crucial in keeping myself well, and many others I’ve worked with have found them equally as crucial for their wellbeing.

1. Air Pollution – Just like industrialized China, where air quality is a persistent problem, we need to consider our personal air quality, for example…

Windy days with a high level of dust or pollen may be an obvious condition of pollution where many people struggle with allergic responses. Those allergic responses tell us our respiratory is inflamed (wounded) by the air quality of our environment. Note – most presumed air born allergies are from dietary issues creating inflammation prior to pollen exposure. I myself will have pollen responsive allergies if I eat certain foods, and no responses when I cut those foods out.

Chemical exposure from paint and other products are a big concern, especially if it is a daily exposure. I avoid painting or using chemicals indoors during winter, and anytime of the year when I will be home and have more persistent exposure to these air pollutants. We already know about the danger of asbestos and the fine particles of fiberglass. Obviously these need to be avoided…

Another huge concern, is the quality of our indoor air during winter, which includes smoke from fireplaces, animal dander (especially animals sleeping with us), unchanged air filters, furniture, carpet and flooring (with chemical off-gassing, especially if new), and a house full of dust. Stagnated and polluted air enclosed in a house, with very little replenishment from outside air, can be extremely harmful for our lungs. Concentrations of these air pollutants build up, especially during winter while the house is closed up, resulting from indoor air quality that can be far worse for us than outdoor air quality.

However, my chief concern is this…

What if a good citizen who has obeyed the virus quarantines is now living in a worse air quality environment within their own home? If their respiratory is inflamed (wounded) by the air quality in their home then they would be more vulnerable upon exposure. They would have less resistance if they accidentally become exposed to the virus. They would also have more difficulty healing if they contracted the virus from having been wounded by their home environment.

The quarantine is about reducing the chance of exposure, I personally wish to keep myself healthy so exposure to any virus is less of an issue.

Now lets talk about our foods…

2. Foods – Foods which create inflammation (wounding) of digestive and/or respiratory mucosa (which creates mucus) is an environmental factor too. Food is where we take the outside of the world and put it into us, like breathing. Food also touches mucosa shared by our respiratory system as we eat and digest it.

Food is my number one fear for Americans.

I can’t overemphasize the importance of this enough…

Our food supply may be more contaminated from industrialization than China’s air. Many countries around the world won’t accept our food because of quality issues. Milk and sugar products in the US are almost always a severe inflammatory (wounding) issue for our respiratory system (alcohol is a sugar product). Sugar has been allowed to permeate almost all US processed foods.

(Did you know they put sugar in most meats made into patties these days? Even fish burgers? Why?)

Even though Harvard came out with a study saying milk contributes to obesity like sodas and other sweet drinks, it still permeates our school system and many, if not most, of our daily foods.

Wheat products can also become an issue of inflammation. Gluten intolerance in wheat has swept our nation. Companies had to develop gluten free products to keep pace with the needs of the people becoming aware of how gluten or wheat products made them ill.

This is a very in-depth topic, so for now I would just like for us to consider how processed foods are polluted foods (there may be some exceptions, but not many). So, just like air pollution causing a wounding, we need to be aware of food pollution causing a wounding too.

Like I said, food pollution is my greatest fear for the US. 40% of our population is considered obese. Diabetes is an epidemic. These food related health conditions are a wounding affecting a mass population just like the air pollution in China. This gives me great concern for a large percentage of our population.

I remove milk and sugar products from my diet for any respiratory condition I go through, without fail! I generally avoid them altogether, but I am extremely careful when I think I’ve been recently exposed to a potential infection.

During the cold and flu season, when I know I’m going to be exposed repeatedly, I avoid milk and sugar products like the plague!

The specifics of why these products increase inflammation is not a topic for this article. At this time I don’t want to create arguments for or against these products. I simply want to state what I’ve seen.

How do I know these foods are an issue for our respiratory systems?

While personally working directly with people who have had very serious respiratory ailments I have seen these results.

In situations where people were not improving, or their doctors have told them they would never be able to let go of medications, is where I saw the most dramatic results. The permanent improvements to their respiratory systems and their ability to let go of medications only resulted after people dropped all milk products and all sugar products. Some clients did respond fine with just reducing these items, but others would not get well until every little bit was no longer in their diet! I have witnessed this consistently for almost 30 years.

On many occasions, when my clients would swear they had no dairy or sugar in their diet, yet they still weren’t improving, I would have them write a journal of the foods they ate, and I would look up the ingredients myself. Sure enough, I would find the culprit and once removed they recovered.

Not only this, but simpler conditions like chronic ear infections, asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinus infections, and just about every other respiratory situation resisted healing until a person let go of both dairy and sugar products.

I want to repeat this very clearly. Never would I consume milk and/or sugar products if I have an existing respiratory condition. Never would I consume milk and/or sugar products if I had a fear of contracting a respiratory ailment, especially if I had been exposed!

Just for clarity, fruit juices, unless squeezed then consumed within 20 minutes, are considered a sugar product. Bottled juices especially citrus had quite an unhealthy scandal a few years ago. Please avoid these too.

Warning – Some food items are worse than diary or sugar for specific individuals. My personal experience shows this to be true for me…

Any food which causes irritation of our digestive system is highly likely to create inflammation within our respiratory mucosa.

I have an allergy to wheat products. My stomach gets upset if I eat wheat anytime during the day. I feel it at night when I go to bed. The irritation doesn’t happen until I lay down. Basically, wheat causes me to have acid reflux. Acid reflux is known to cause inflammation of the respiratory system through the acidity being breathed down into the lungs at night while laying down.

Sometimes I can get away with eating wheat products – if I have just a little and haven’t had any wheat for a few days. I can also take a homeopathic remedy and the symptoms will disappear completely in 20 minutes. I can also take a pro-biotic during meals with wheat and reduce my irritation.

Obviously, I like bread and pastas since I have found ways where I can eat these foods. However, I want to be very clear here…

I will not eat foods that cause me digestive irritation if I have fear of exposure of a respiratory virus or anything which may be contracted through my respiratory system.

Even though I have remedies to fix many of the symptoms, I can’t see if the remedy is preventing the acidity (due to the wheat) from inflaming my respiratory mucosa. So I take extra precaution and avoid all foods that irritate. I have found with my clients that sometimes the remedy for a food issue doesn’t fix everything, therefore, overall health improvement won’t occur until the irritating food is eliminated.

These are my respiratory health mantras and they have been extremely successful for me and the many clients I have worked with for decades.

Please be aware…

For some people, eating late at night may cause a problem when lying down to sleep. An unknown or asymptomatic acid reflux condition may cause inflammation (wound) of the mucosa in the bronchioles of the lungs. This seems to occur a lot more frequently as we age… However, this condition is not completely age related. (As a consideration, it might be best to avoid eating several hours before bed depending upon the digestive health of the individual.)

Important note — Sneezing , coughing, or clearing the throat after eating or drinking is a dead giveaway to inflammation being caused by that food. If you experience these discomforts then the food or drink consumed is inflammatory. If facing a respiratory health issue, please avoid frequent use of any foods or drinks which cause these responses after eating or drinking … I personally avoid them completely.

Snoring and sleep apnea— can also be a strong indication of inflammation due to foods in our dietary lifestyle which are causing a respiratory inflammation (wounding). Not all snoring or apnea has a direct relationship to food, however, the easiest way to figure it out is by abstaining from all milk products, all sugar products, and all known food irritations for a few days. If snoring or apnea improves during this time or goes away altogether, then you’ll know it was a factor…

3. Dehydration -I’m mentioning dehydration in the top three because a severe life threatening issue I’ve seen affecting some people with a respiratory complaint is eventual dehydration.

Dehydration is also an issue which increases vulnerability to the contraction of illness through dry mucus membranes. For any mucus membrane to function well it needs to be hydrated, otherwise it’s like glue. If our respiratory mucus lining is unable to perform well because of dehydration then it is also less adaptive to our environment and less able to deal with exposures to a pollution or pathogen.

(Please remember that all sugary drinks including fruit juices are dehydrating. Sodas do not rehydrate!)

I have a simple practice which seems to keep me well and supports me through respiratory conditions. This practice also keeps me and my mucus membranes hydrated. I have seen this practice also support many of my clients over the years.

Here is the practice I use — I get a green leafy organic vegetable (such as spinach, kale, chard, beet or turnip tops, even the tops of carrots and green onions). I boil it in a pan of 6 to 8 cups of water for 5 minutes. I let it cool and I drink as much of it as I can. (However, with a viral issue which is sensitive to heat, I let my veggie tea cool just to the hottest temperature I can take.)

The clients I’ve recommended this to love their results. They almost always continue this practice for decades, when needed. (Personally, I would never consider using any kind of sweetener in my drinks (even honey) while facing a respiratory ailment, especially not a synthetic sweetener (acesulfame, saccharine, aspartame, etc.). Stevia, without any other added substance, seems to be okay.)

There are a few situations which need to be addressed more specifically for different individuals to be able to improve their respiratory health. We are all a unique product of our environment. None of us lives in exactly the same environmental conditions or lifestyle. So, lets run through this list and see if there is something here that is more specific for your concerns…

1. Sleep can affect respiratory health in many ways. Some are understood and some are not. Sleeplessness is known to cause our thyroid not to perform well which also affects our respiratory system. Sleep affects everything… Please work to get sufficient and good quality sleep to where you feel well rested in the morning and fully able to tackle the day. (Please pay attention to the snoring and sleep apnea notes above.)

2. All health conditions affecting the respiratory and/or digestive mucosa such as acid reflux, respiratory allergy, etc… These need to be carefully considered and treated effectively. Obviously I prefer natural methods where the body heals itself. However, if an individual is not familiar or does not have access to natural resources, then these conditions still need to be taken care of… Any inflammation (wound), especially if chronic, needs to be able to heal. Inflammation needs to be reduced or preferably gone.

3. Medications may also cause inflammation in the the digestive or respiratory system. Medications which cause a persistent cough or irritation in the digestive and/or respiratory tracts are of particular concern. These responses can be very similar to the food responses. Any medication has the potential to cause a cough, hawking of mucus, or inflammation of the digestive and respiratory mucosal membranes. Personally, I would ask my doctor to change or adjust medications which cause inflammatory responses or symptoms. In particular, I’ve seen hypertensive and diabetic medications frequently cause respiratory irritation.

(For myself, I would ask that opiates, which are used quite frequently to reduce pain, be avoided at all costs during my respiratory issues. (Here in the US we have an opiate crisis.) Opiates may not cause noticeable symptoms like a cough, because they are known to greatly suppress the functions of both digestive and respiratory systems. (Personally, I would consider an opiate as almost a form of euthanasia if consistently given to anyone suffering a severe respiratory issue.)

Special Note: How to survive a hospital stay. Environmentally it is well known how hospitals where ill people accumulate is an exposure risk. It is also well known how contracting pneumonia in a hospital environment is one of the most common life-threatening issues. The longer the hospital visit the more the concern.

I don’t wish to make jokes about hospital food killing us. Yet, milk and sugar products being fed to ill people daily, causing inflammation in the respiratory system is a disaster waiting to happen, especially where exposure in a hospital is increased! Please also consider the ramifications of morphine which shuts down the respiratory and digestive systems being given as people are in discomfort or suffer pain. How is that not an environmental recipe for disaster for both contraction and survivability of any respiratory issue, especially pneumonia which specifically means lung inflammation!? Wound it! Expose it! Then, shut it down!

If I were to go to the hospital, I would ask someone I trust to watch my diet and not allow any milk or sugar products to be ingested (may be impossible if tube fed), and I would ask them to please guard against opiates such as morphine at all costs…

4. Outdoor exercise where breathing is increased and the heat of the body is raised is crucial. The old work-out saying I grew up with was “use it, or lose it.” Environmentally increasing the effectiveness of our lungs is what it is all about. In almost all instances, using our environment to exercise our respiratory system is extremely important to maintain our health. When I exercise, where I use my lungs, I can experience improvement in my respiratory capacity and well being within a day.

The heat that is generated during exercise also helps by releasing stored immune system resources which are otherwise unavailable to us. Further, there can be a benefit by raising the temperature in our bodies which helps in defeating pathogens… especially viral.

5. Heart health is of extreme importance to our respiratory health. Have you ever noticed how our heart is actually nestled within our lungs…? In my opinion, circulatory and respiratory are not separate systems. Smoking has been shown to be at least as damaging to the heart as the lungs. So, I would suspect air pollution may be the same.

Did you know, you can have a cough which is caused by your heart not functioning well? If your heart isn’t functioning well it can leave extra fluid to build up in your lungs resulting in what may be referred to as a cardiac cough.

There are several homeopathic remedies I’ve seen be particularly useful here, yet they need to be considered for each individual. In a more general sense, I like hawthorn as a supplement or food to keep my heart healthy (there are some contraindications if using heart medications). I also love Cod Liver Oil (maybe not the taste) because it reduces inflammation and increases functionality through many organ systems. (Please be aware how Cod Liver Oil naturally thins the blood). CoQ-10 as a supplement is considered healthy for our heart and circulatory system. Other websites like Dr. Mercola’s is a good resource of information about food sourced supplements. In my experience the closest to the natural food source you can get is the best response. Synthetic supplements are sometimes worse than going without.

6. Fear and stress are environmental factors known for leading us to ill health. It seems some of this fear may be unavoidable right now. Personally, I limit my involvement with both media and social media that generates fear in me. I also limit my interaction with people who illicit stress or fear for me. I give myself entire days where I am not allowed to go there. I can then come back refreshed and with better discernment after a day or two of play.

7. Hypothyroidism is known to create a propensity for respiratory issues. Lack of sleep and stress are a couple of factors which can impair thyroid function. Lack of iodine which the thyroid uses to create a hormone called thyroxine can be deficient in our foods and environment. This hormone could arguably be considered to affect every organ and tissue in our body, including our respiratory system.

Kelp is a food I eat on a regular basis either through supplementation, nori wraps, or sushi. Kelp, like shellfish, has natural iodine. I may add granulated or powdered kelp in a salt shaker and sprinkle into my food when I’m cooking, just like salt. (If allergic to shellfish please make sure your are not allergic to iodine before eating kelp.)

This is a fairly thorough list, but not a complete list of what can affect our respiratory health. These are some of the most basic environmental conditions I consider for my personal respiratory health and the health of my clients, and I’m hoping you will consider them for yourself.

There is no order of importance here! If a particular environmental or health factor is strongly affecting you then it would be best to address that first. However, some issues are not easily fixed or quickly changed, so addressing something more attainable, like limiting or preferably avoiding all sugar products, is a good start. Having an understanding of how environmental conditions create problems like we’re facing today gives us a great opportunity for limiting the effects by changing the environmental conditions we know of.

The following is a small list of common natural remedies which I have found very useful regarding my own and my clients respiratory health. These remedies are addressed towards environmental concerns. These remedies are non specific to Corona Virus. These are not medical recommendations. This is purely information about my observations of what I’ve seen be effective over many years for myself and my clients. You must do your own research, or get help from your choice of health practitioner.

Please do your best to get information from experienced sources who utilize these items on a regular basis. I also make sure the biases of my information source is clearly pronounced and understood…

You know my bias is for natural first!

Supplements: Vitamin D3, Zinc, Natural Vitamin C sources such as Rose Hips or Camu Camu, Colloidal Silver, Digestive Enzymes, Pro-biotics, N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC).

Herbals: Elderberry, Fenugreek, Oregano, Kelp, I use Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) (please do not use if on medication contraindicated with grapefruit) 1 drop in my bottled drinking water daily when traveling.

Gemmotherapies: Lithy Tree, Briar Rose, European Alder

Homeopathics: Safest and most effective in my opinion. (I’m biased as a homeopath) Oscillococcinum is very well known and available. Although, I mostly recommend very specific single remedies based on symptomatology of the individual (there are books which can help with selections)!

This is just a small list of items to research for yourself. Many other natural items not listed here may also be helpful. Remember, I prefer to know what sets up the health problem and resolve it through environmental changes rather than continuously using supplements. I find it a much more powerful way for being in control of my own health and well being. Lets make lemonade out of this quarantine lemon and improve our environmental health. Who knows – maybe we can even have a little fun with this adventure of discovering things which are natural and effective for our health! Why not?

What else have we got to do?

I hope you forgive me, but to both sum it up and maybe lighten it up a little… I would like to repeat an old joke…

A woman goes out to a restaurant to meet her husband for dinner. It’s night and as she is walking into the restaurant she sees an elderly man looking for something under the light of a street lamp across the street next to a car.

An hour and a half later, she and her husband have finished eating. The husband takes his last swig of his Corona beer and gets up to walk his wife to her car. As they walk out the door of the restaurant the wife notices how our wobbly elderly man with his head down is still looking under the same street lamp. He looks distressed…

Now, the woman who is becoming concerned asks her husband to approach this elderly gentleman and find out if he is okay (this is allowed since no quarantines have been established, as of yet).

Okay, so the husband approaches and gingerly asks this older man what is he doing and does he need any help? The man brightens up and rushes over to shake his hand enthusiastically, while pumping his arm (there is no 6 foot personal clearance limit yet) he states how he simply lost his keys and he just can’t find them, and any help would be greatly appreciated…

So, the woman hearing this joins her husband scouring the area under the street lamp. After a few minutes… not a thing. They have covered every inch of the area and no keys, just some gluey gum now on the bottom of the woman’s shoe which she scrapes against the curb (since she is not yet carrying disinfectant wipes in her purse).

After a brief discussion between the husband and wife, the husband gingerly asks this wisp of a man where he thinks he may have lost his keys… The elderly gentleman looks up takes a moment to think extends his arm and points like a scare-crow down the dark street while he says “over there”…

Well, needless to say, the husband and wife are flabbergasted and ask why is he looking over here if he lost them down the street…

The fatigued old gentleman yawns and wipes his eyes (face touching was a fearless endeavor back then)… He states how looking down there would just be the silliest thing ever since his glasses are locked in the car, and there is absolutely no way he can see in the dark without them…

Sometimes to find something obvious it takes an outside source to shine a little light in a direction not yet considered.

I hope you find what you’re looking for to improve your health and well being…

Ron Frank, D.H.M., D.I.Hom., CNHP

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