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What Bakes a Difference?

Recipes for a challenging, but health driven dietary lifestyle change.
We have garnished most of what bakes a difference from a blend of our clients, and a couple of our own half-baked ideas.  (These recipes are a gift from people who have found their dietary lifestyle changes challenging, but essential to their health, and the health of their families).  These families, whom we have been serving for years, have prepared recipes successfully, and simmered their unique sauces to a healthy lifestyle.  Here they are cooking-up some of their favorite recipes for you.  These are raw, not professional recipes.  We have preserved these recipes mostly unedited in their original flavor and with wording they wish to toss sweetly at you.  For this reason, please take the writing style of all recipes with a grain of salt, pun intended. 

***Remember your health needs are unique.  If you are a client then we have, or will recommend specific dietary items to avoid.  Please understand these recipes may not include your specific needs.  These are suggestions and tools to begin your own healthy dietary lifestyle.  Please either remove, or replace items specific to your needs in these recipes, or avoid specific recipes which don't match your needs altogether.  But, most of all, have fun.  Try new things.  Eating the same foods every day is unhealthy.  Variety if your body is able to handle it, is healthy.  If you have food allergies, or you are hypersensitive, then start with what you are able to handle now and then build as you improve. 

Bon Apetite!

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